Vince Mak - Freelance ACD, Art


— Based in Brooklyn, New York (U.S.A.), Vince Mak is an award-winning art director and designer with experience in concept development and implementation. He has worked with some of the most iconic brands and agencies in the world, specializing in narrative-first integrated campaigns across traditional and digital channels, in both moving and still image.

Most recently a Creative Lead/ACD at Mojo Supermarket, Vince has also taught at the graduate level at the M. AD School of Ideas in New York. He was once a recipient of the U.S. Cannes Young Lion for film. 

︎︎︎ Mojo Supermarket, NY
︎︎︎ Anomaly, NY
︎︎︎ Kbs, NY
︎︎︎ Sid Lee, MTL/NY

︎︎︎ Elephant, NY/SF
︎︎︎ Laundry Service, NY/LA/PDX
︎︎︎ McCann, NY
︎︎︎ 360i, NY
︎︎︎ The Many, LA
︎︎︎ SS+K, NY
︎︎︎ BFG, NY
︎︎︎ Publicis, NY
︎︎︎ Quantasy, LA
︎︎︎ UEG, NY
︎︎︎ Soho House, NY

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